mercredi 3 décembre 2014

Wear a trench

This seasons be very cold so we need to wear something like a ... coat!
Ok I admit I don't like coat and big doudoune is worse!
So the one and only is again this seasons : the trench!

More Parisan like a trench your dead! Chic, sobre and perfect with everything.
But how can wear a trench? it's really simple you can wear trench with everything exept jogging of cours! jeans, pants, sneackers or city shoes the Trench is perfect for all situation.

Who can wear a trench?
everybody can wear a trench but for small men you should wear a short trench because if you wear a long model you look like fat.

With what wear a trench?
A trench is something perfect for any sitation or any look, the day with a jeans and boots, or the night with a shirt and louboutin shoes haha

I takes this pictures with Yoann last week and I love this look, he's casual and chic too, no too much, perfect for a long shopping day in paris.

I wear :
trench : Zara
Pants : Pull and Bear
Shoes : Goor

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

how found our own style?

It's time to talks about found our own style.
This is the question of all it boy or It girl arises, and finally we found the answear§

You can breathe of blog or magasine or in movies too. Find this own style is something difficult you should be confortable and in agreement with your self.
You know I found my style when I seen Gossip girl with the unforgotteable Chuck bass, I'm obssesed by him!
And of cours I've my Fashion Inspiration like Paolo Stella (editor in ELLE italia and actor) or like Pelayo Diaz (espagoles fashion blogger)
You need a fashion inspiration and takes a part of him and a part of for creat your OWN style.


samedi 8 novembre 2014

times to change

Picture by Yoann Jst

Vous savez, parfois il est tellement passionnant d'explorer de nouveaux horizons, de vivre d'autres expériences aussi incroyable les unes que les autres. Ou encore de découvrir tout ces pays qui nous intrigues tant. Et bien tout cela, c'est un peu comme essayer un nouveau style. Généralement on a peur de l'inconnu, peur du regard des autres. On se dit "C'est pas pour moi !". Et puis un jour on se lance, on prend le large ! Qu'est-ce qu'on a à perdre après tout ? Si vous m'aviez vu quand j'ai pris ces photos avec Yoann. J'étais complètement excité de choisir un look vraiment différent de d'habitude.
J'avais acheté ce tee-shirt mi-manche longue il y'a déja quelque temps. Mais je ne savais vraiment pas quoi en faire, ni avec quoi le porter. Alors il est resté pendant des semaines dans mon placard en attendant que je trouve l'âme sœur de ce pauvre tee-shirt.
Cette semaine, je suis tombé par hasard sur le blog de VasJMorgan, et j'ai tout simplement adoré son style et la fraîcheur que dégagée ses photos. J'ai donc regardé mon blog et je me suis rendu compte que sur toutes mes photos, j'étais un peu trop bcbg et tiré par quatre épingles. J'ai donc voulu changer un peu et après des heures d'hésitations, j'ai enfilé ce tee-shirt que je trouve vraiment incroyable et .. une casquette ! Et vous savez ce que j'ai ressenti ? J'étais tellement excité et en même temps j'avais l'impression d'être déguisé pour hallowen ahah!

Loric Jst

je porte :
Teeshirt : Zara
jeans : pull and bear
chaussure : chevignon


samedi 1 novembre 2014

Mickey's body

pictures by Yoann Jst

 The holidays is already finis, monday we resum our daily life, stressful and speed. But we had to two weeks of holidays and it was amazing for my mental healthy aha
Paris is coverded with an icy cold and we are forced to wear more pull over and other winter clothes.
My holiays program is really easy : no work : no problem. Just sleeping watching my tv series of the moment (Devious maids, you have the obligation to see this serie) and somme output with some friends.
This is the real holidays, why you should working if you are in holiday? is not logic.
Yoann and I had takes this pictures after our walking in Le Jardin des Tuileries, with our dear friends Victoire and Clothilde.
For this day I wear a really funny sweater from H&M with lots of mickey's hand. I think put a little funny touch in my look is great; for change of my bcbg traditional look.
Happy weekend
Loric Jst

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

packing for autumn!

picture by Yoann Jst

I think we can said  autumn  is arrived in Paris, and It's time to exit, jacket, pull over, gloves ect..

I can say this is my favorite seasons but each new season I said it's my favorite. 
You know the pleasure to walk in dead leaf a hot starbucks in hand and the wind in the face. All this little things make me love Autumn!
Autumn lt's the time of rest, summer is finished and the Winter not begun.
It's the moment of the year or we can thinking at what we do and what we want be!
I written this post drinking a cup of hot tea in front of the fireplaces, someone found that sad but for me this lazy moment was very precious. 
Now it's time to put our autumn clothes in our dressing. 
If you have check my Instagram account you note I really love "Hastag" so when I see this pull I realized it was creat for me. 
I find this pull more casual for me so I wear a shirt under for be mor BCBG 
If you want transform a casual look in BCBG look, wear shirt and the tour in played!
Yoann and I have takes this pictures yersteday in Paris with our good Friends Victoire!
hope you like it!

pull : H&M
manteaux : H&M
pants : Pull and Bear
shoes : chevignon


mardi 21 octobre 2014